We’re excited to announce that iRule version 1.4.0 for Android is now available for download!

We know everybody’s been really anxious to get their hands on the new version of iRule for Android, so we’re excited to announce that it’s now available for download from Google Play and our website now!

New Features in iRule Version 1.4.0 for Android Drawers Drawers are now available for Android!

Drawers offer a solution to two issues. The first is faster design by instancing or “punch-through” as it’s sometimes called. Create a page, add some buttons and commands, then “re-use” that page anywhere in the remote by “pinning” the Drawer open. For example, configuring source and volume buttons on the sides of a tablet layout previously required configuring each page where the buttons were used. With Drawers, there is no need to keep defining and redefining links and input commands for each page; simply configure the buttons once in a Drawer and re-use the drawer anywhere you need the links and buttons.

The other issue Drawers help resolve is that of screen real-estate on small-screen devices which typically require “hunting” around the remote. For instance, in the “Watch TV” page, there is no room for input selection and volume and mute buttons. With Drawers, you can add an “overlay” or sliding sheet that be swiped out from the side of the screen to add functionality even though screen area is limited.

Feedback Tokenization: Some devices output feedback strings which included changing values or lengths, making simple parsing impossible. Feedback tokenization solves this problem and allows for much more powerful feedback display.

Physical Button Volume Control: The use of physical buttons for volume control are now enabled. Make sure your device

HTTP SOAP Command Support: SOAP support facilitates control of devices using this protocol, including Sony Blu-ray players and others.

IR and Relay Feedback: IR and relay feedback from Global Caché hardware is now supported which enables the feedback from sensors on the Global Caché Gateways.

Dimmed-Screen Tap: Tapping a dimmed screen will now wake the screen only; not trigger a command. This makes the behavior consistent with iRule for iOS.

Username/password Fields in Network Gateways: Network Gateways now include username and password fields for more intuitive configuration, eliminating the need to create more complicated strings for device URL’s with embedded username/password. This capability also better supports devices using the Telnet protocol. Send empty username/password when for network gateway.

Other Changes and Fixes

• Added a Sync button in Settings panel layout for easier syncing.

• Fixed empty feedback code (without value) that breaks sync feedbacks.xml

• Fixed a connection issue with RS-232 serial models of iTach devices.

• HTTP/Network Gateway passwords are now masked.

For more information on this new version and more, visit the Release Notes page, the Support Community, or the Support Center.

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