Control & Automate Your
Window Treatments
and More
All From Your Phone or Tablet


No scripting, coding or HTML knowledge required!  iRule remote is great for DIY projects.


iRule supports IR, serial RS-232 and IP control with the ability to learn custom IR commands!


iRule delivers the convenience of control and automation for a fraction of its competitors.

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In The Cloud

iRule features a web-based builder – so there’s no software to install or files to lose!


Use custom graphics and layouts with iRule to create a remote that fits your lifestyle!

Amazing Support

iRule has a top-notch support team and avid community to help make your iRule project a success!

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What People Are Saying

Check out what others have to say about using iRule!
  • Derek Trublood Riddle, Head IT, Studio Engineer, Studio Mixer - Infinite Environments

    Because of iRule our company now has a remote that controls all aspects of the room with professional dependability without the need for a 'professional dealer.'  Love what you guys do - looking forward to even more and more from you guys!

  • Derek, Professional Integrator

    I am currently working on a project for a client that has trouble using his hands and fingers to do the normal tasks in everyday life.  I can design him a remote that has large buttons that he can easily touch and is easy to read and operate. In my opinion, you can customize iRule for just about any individual. What a great solution and a great way to offer more to clients with disabilities.

  • Blake Wood, Professional Integrator - Cantrell's Media Systems

    iRule has mind-bending possibilities. You're literally only limited by your imagination. Couple your creativity and iRule's unparalleled support and the possibilities are limitless.

  • Eddie Landry, Professional Integrator - Landry Luxury Electronics

    The most amazing thing about an iRule system is the speed of implementation. After doing the most popular mainstream universal remote control systems for the past 12 years, we are delivering complete media center universal remotes in one day.

  • Stanley Ferrand, Professional Integrator - Mistertec, LLC

    After testing and experimenting with almost every Remote System solution, I landed on iRule for its robust features and well thought-out Builder. No other software out there has the customization iRule provides. With iRule you can design whatever your mind desires.

  • Matt, (BrolicBeast on AVS Forum)

    iRule has provided me with the flexibility and configuration options I need, and it does so at an outstanding value. I essentially get all the functionality of a $7k-$10k "installer-grade" solution, for $100. Do the math; that's a lot of savings.

  • Chad V., DIY Entthusiast

    Now I have the touch screen remote I could never afford before iRule. The look and function are only limited by my imagination, and changes can be made in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to create a remote?

iRule is great for those who like to tinker with their gadgets but features a handset and activity wizard to help you get started configuring your handsets and activities.  Our dedicated support team is here to help if you have any questions!

Does my device need to stay on while I’m watching tv?

When the ‘prevent system lock’ setting is enabled, another setting allows the screen to dim after a minute of inactivity. It takes a single tap to instantly bring it back to life.

How can I get around looking for buttons like with a hard remote?

With iRule, you can set up 12 different gestures to control things without looking. What are gestures? This is how you swipe, tap and twist different combination of fingers over the screen. It does not matter where you do this on the screen.  Isn’t that better than fumbling to find one little button without looking?

I’d like to use iRule, but would rather have someone else set me up, what are my options?

iRule is one of the leading universal remote controls recommended by professional installers. We have hundreds of installers worldwide so there’s probably one in your area. Browse our handy Dealer Locator to find an installer near you.